Journalist’s Toll: 6 Dead, 29 Injured

At least 29 journalists were injured and six killed while covering the violent confrontations between presidential and parliamentary forces, according to a list being compiled by a Moscow researcher for the U. S. -based Committee to Protect Journalists.
All of the deaths and about one-third of the injuries took place during the bloody assault on the Ostankino television offices Sunday night. Most of the others were incurred as journalists observed the White House battle Monday.
The researcher, Oleg Panfilov, said Friday that reports were still coming in after he sent a notice out on Itar-Tass requesting information from journalists.
The director of the New York-based committee, William Orme, said that the group’s primary concern was whether journalists were specifically being targeted for attack, or simply got caught in the cross fire.
“The question is whether these were just people in a difficult situation or was it a case where they were targeted”, Orme said in a telephone interview from New York. “Understand that people who are working as war correspondents are taking risks”.
Jonathan Steele, Moscow correspondent for The Guardian of London, said that he thought most of the injuries were accidental.
“I think it was mostly outside Ostankino because of the darkness and the sudden outbreak of shooting, and there was just no place to take cover”, Steele said. “The good thing about it is that it was not intentional – I think people were just taking enormous risks”.
The International Press Center and Club, meanwhile, is holding a reception Saturday for accredited journalists and members to raise money for a Victims Support Fund. It will take place at the club in the American Trade Center from 5: 30 to 8: 30.